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A home-from-home holiday experience

All properties are near golf, tennis, hill walking, mountain bike riding, moutaineering, rock climbing, bird watching, sled-dog running, nature watching, swimming, fishing, skiing, snow boarding, clay-pidgeon shooting, canoeing, kayaking, boating, sailing, windsurfing and many other outdoor activities that encompass lochs, rivers, trails, mountains and forrests. Additionally, all properties are near local facilities including restaurants, bars, shops, banks, hotels, hostels, internet cafe's, libraries, post offices, laundries, hairdressers, conference halls, business centres and property agents. 

Standard Terms and Conditions 2017
Telephone reservations will be held as provisional reservations for a short period only, and must be confirmed by post immediately. All cheques to be made payable to Aviemore Holiday Homes. Reservations are considered confirmed only on receipt of the reservation form and deposit. All bookings require a deposit (100 for Fairway Retreat & Pine Marten, paid by cheque and non-returnable upon cancellation) per week to secure the booking, with the total booking fee to be paid not less than 1 month prior to arrival. Bookings made within 1 month of arrival date to be paid in full. The cheque for the deposit will not be cashed if you honour your stay and there are no damages after your stay.
Cancellation: Should you have to cancel, you must advise us in writing immediately. In this case, the deposit paid is not refundable, and is forfeit. Due effort will be made to re-let the property. If a suitable tenant cannot be found, then all rent paid is forfeit. If it is re-let, the amount of any rent paid will be refunded less any expenses incurred. Failure to pay the rent in full by the due date is treated as a cancellation.
Period of let: This will normally be on a weekly basis, from Saturday to Saturday. Minimum stay - 2 nights for Fairway Retreat and Pine Marten Lodge. Tenancies begin at 4 p.m. on day of arrival, and end at 10 a.m. on day of departure.
The Tenancy: The contract effected on receipt of confirmation of booking is in terms of Section 2 (1) (bbb) of the Rent (Scotland) Act 1974, and confers on the tenant the right to occupy the house for the period agreed for holiday purposes only. The number of persons occupying the house must not exceed the number for which the accommodation has been reserved. We reserve the right to levy an extra charge in the case of a larger number of persons than approved using the accommodation, or may terminate the rental period because of unreasonable behaviour or damage to the property. For insurance purposes, at least one of the tenants must be at least 21 years of age.
Shortcomings & Defects: Please advise us immediately of any shortcomings in the house. We cannot accept subsequent claims for shortcomings not so notified. The Tenants must notify us immediately of any damage or defects detected during their stay. Failure to do so may result in the Tenants being made liable for any damages or defects. Tenants may be billed for any damaged or missing items.
Electricity: Electricity is included in the price of rental.
Damages: Should there be any damages at the end of your stay, the deposit will be used to cover reasonable costs to replace damaged items. Otherwise, the deposit cheque wil not be cashed.
Pets: You may bring a cat or dog with you, but please let us know when you book. You must bring your pet's basket, as they are only permitted on the strict understanding that they must not lie on bedding or chairs, and will be restrained from causing undue annoyance to other residents. They should not be left unattended, must be kept on a lead, and prohibited from fouling areas around the house. A stock of polythene bags is provided for clearing up after your pet. If your pet does cause undue annoyance or disturbance to other residents, you may be asked to leave the house without refund.
Vehicles: The houses have their own hard standing parking areas, which must be used. Vehicles must not be left in the road, and they, their accessories and contents are left at your own risk.
Dalfaber Golf & Country Club Membership: This is not part of Aviemore Holiday Homes and we cannot accept responsibility for their services.
Refuse Collection: Refuse collection day is Monday morning, around 10 a.m. It is the responsibility of the Tenant occupying the house on a Sunday night/Monday morning to ensure that the wheelie bin is placed at the kerbside at the end of the drive. Failure to do so will result in loss of deposit.

Items Left Behind: Items left behind are kept for four weeks, after which they are disposed of at our discretion. There is a minimum post and packing charge of 10 for items returned.

Hot Tub: I agree to only use the Hot Tub in the correct manner, following the safety guidelines. I understand that Aviemore Holiday Homes or the Pine Marten Lodge owners, will in no way be held responsible for any accident or injury arising from incorrect use of the Hot Tub, or failure to adhere to the safety advice. In consideration to neighbouring properties and residents the hot tub should not be used between 11pm and 8.00am. I understand that any damage to the Hot Tub or Cover incurred during my stay will have to be covered by myself.

Hot Tub Disclaimer
1. The Hot Tub can be a pleasurable and relaxing experience. However for your safety and enjoyment there are strict rules and guidelines that must be adhered to when using the Hot Tub. This is an important health and safety legal requirement for hot tubs used in a commercial environment. The Hot Tub is locked and will only be unlocked prior to your arrival if the following safety guidelines are read and understood. The signatory is responsible for making sure that all members of their party, and their guests, are aware of, and strictly adhere to the guidelines. Please note that a member of staff may visit the hot tub up to 3 times per day (dependant on usage) to check the water balance and quality. Water balance will be adjusted as necessary and results recorded. This procedure is a safety requirement for Hot Tubs in holiday lodges and ensures that the chemical balance of the water remains continuously safe for your enjoyment throughout your stay.
2. It is vital that the pool is kept clean for your own safety. Failure to do so results in the water balance changing which seriously diminishes the effectiveness of the sanitising chemicals. This in turn can lead to nasty microbiological bacteria multiplying rapidly causing a number of serious hazards to users’ health.
3. Please do take a shower and use the toilet prior to entering the hot tub. Do not submerge your head under the water, drink the water, or allow the water to enter your mouth. Clients should also shower after using the tub.
4. The hot tub should only be used for 15 minutes at any one time.
5. Failure to maintain a clean pool may result in the need to drain down, sanitise, and re-fill. Approximately 24 hours + will then be required to return the tub to a comfortable temperature.
6. Please report any illnesses following Hot tub Pool usage to the office immediately. This is extremely important if pneumonia-like symptoms are experienced.
7. Please call the office if you require further advice with respect to these procedures.
8. It is important that the hot tub is never switched off at the mains switch (Even if you are not using it). There may be an extra charge deducted from your bond if the tub is switched off during your stay.
9. Risk to Children – Extreme caution must be exercised to prevent unauthorised access by under age children.
10. The Hot Tub cover must remain closed at all times unless a responsible adult is present. No children under 4 years old are permitted in the Hot Tub. Children under 4 years old cannot regulate their body temperatures suitably. All children under 16 using the Hot Tub must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
11. To reduce the risk of injury, lower water temperatures are recommended for children over 4 years old. Children are especially sensitive to hot water.
12. Instruct your children to shower and visit the toilet prior to use and inform them to keep their heads out of the water (especially mouth and ears).
13. Remind children that wet surfaces can be very slippery. Make sure that children take great care when entering or exiting the Hot tub.
14. Risk of electrocution – Under no circumstances remove the operating panel on Tub.
15. Risk of injury – Do not remove suction fittings (filter standpipes) located in the filter compartment.
16. There is a danger of slipping and falling. Remember, wet surfaces can be very slippery. Take care when entering or exiting the Hot tub.
17. Do not jump into the hot tub.
18. People with infectious diseases should not use the hot tub.
19. Keep any loose articles of clothing or hanging jewellery away from rotating jets or other moving components.
20. Do not stand on the hot tub cover.
21. Medication & Alcohol – The use of drugs, alcohol or medication before, or during hot tub use, may lead to a danger of drowning.
22. Persons using medication should consult their Doctor before using a Hot tub. Some medication may cause drowsiness, while other medication may affect heart rate, blood pressure and circulation.
23. Persons using medications that induce drowsiness such as tranquillisers, antihistamines, or anticoagulants should not use the Hot tub
24. Health Problems – Pregnant women should consult a Doctor before using the Hot tub.
25. Persons suffering from obesity, or with a medical history of heart disease, low or high blood pressure, circulatory problems, or diabetes should consult a Doctor before using the Hot tub.
26. Hyperthermia – Prolonged immersion in hot water can result in hyperthermia – a dangerous condition that occurs when the internal body temperature exceeds 37 degrees C. Symptoms include, unawareness of impending hazard, failure to perceive heat, failure to recognise the need to exit the Hot tub, foetal damage in pregnant women, and unconsciousness resulting in a danger of drowning. The use of alcohol, drugs or medication greatly increases the risk of fatal hyperthermia in Hot Tubs.
27. To reduce the risk of injury – The water in the Hot tub should never exceed 40 degrees C. Water temperatures between 37 degrees C and 40 degrees C are considered safe. Lower water temperatures are recommended for extended use (over 10 minutes) and for young children (over 4 years old). Extended use can cause hyperthermia.
28. Pregnant, or possibly pregnant women should limit Hot tub temperature to 38 degrees C. Failure to do so may result in permanent injury to your baby.
29. Do not use the Hot tub immediately after strenuous exercise.
30. Avoiding burns – Test the water with your hand before entering the Hot tub to make sure it is comfortable. I
31. Important Hot tub instructions –
a. Do:
i. Use and lock the cover when the Hot tub is not in use, whether it is empty or full.Shower at all times before using the Hot Tub, perfume, hair gel etc. can contaminate the water and you may be for charged for this.
b. Do not:
i. Lift or drag the vinyl cover by using the cover lock straps, always lift the cover by using the handles.
ii. Attempt to open the electrical control box; there are no user serviceable parts inside.
iii. Use any glassware in the vicinity of the Hot tub. Plastic drinks containers are provided.
iv. Allow pets in the Hot tub.
v. Use any soap products, detergent, or shampoo in the Tub.
vi. Drink the water.
vii. The hot tub is also very deep. Do not allow anybody to attempt to sleep in it.
32. Please treat the Hot Tub as if it is your own as maintenance is very expensive.
33. Any damage to the lid, vinyl cover, lifting system, filtration etc. will be charged for.
34. Also any maintenance required as a result of the introduction of pollutants (including soap, shampoo etc.) will also incur an extra charge.

Please enjoy the experience sensibly.